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Latest news from the team

Saving Scotland's Giant Skate​ - August -2021


The flapper skate (Dipturus intermedius) is a critically endangered species with numbers greatly reduced from what they once were. The waters off the North West of the Scottish mainland and the Scottish Islands are considered the last stronghold for them.

This short film documents the discovery of a critical habitat for the flapper skate, an egg-laying site off Skye, and the story of how the area became a temporary marine protected area and what this means for the skate, the water users and for the future of the site.

Macduff Marine Aquarium - Catch My Drift  Feb – April 2021


What could we do to help during lockdown? Well, we produced a series of short films on various wildlife subjects presented to camera by members of staff and guest speakers of the Aquarium.  All free to watch on the Aquariums YouTube channel.



Macduff Marine Aquarium - July – 2020 

Continuing our support of this wonderful facility. We have completed an animated digital display of the Moray Firth. The 82inch display shows video pop-up sequences of places of interest along the Firth and sits in the entrance to the aquarium.

OurSeas - May – 2020 

We are delighted to announce that Project-Media has been accepted into the OurSeas Coalition. OurSeas have formed to try and protect our near shore environment from overfishing and damage to the near shore seabed by activities such as scallop dredging. They campaign for a reinstatement of the three-mile limit to protect this vulnerable coastline and allow desperately depleted fish stocks and marine organisms to recover and for more sustainable fishing practices.

Living on the Edge - March 2020

With the onset of the 2020 breeding season I was set to start over, but with the current worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, no filming will take place until such time as the government lifts restrictions. This potentially means that no filming will happen until the 2021 breeding season.

I hope that the time in between will enable more substantial research and will allow me to work with conservation groups such as the RSPB and the Scottish Seabird Centre, Greenpeace, Wildlife trusts, universities and other groups involved in this field.

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