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The Team

Berni Profile Image.jpg

BERNARD MARTIN Director Project - Media

Camera, Editor and Producer. Bernard has been in the media business for over 40 years. Until recently he was the co-founder and director of a successful remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) company. Bernard decided to pursue full time non-for -profit conservation filmmaking. “Living on The Edge” is his second full length wildlife documentary. Bernard has trained as a medic with British Divers Marine Life Rescue. He is also a trustee of Friends of Macduff Marine Aquarium and the River Don Trust.

Lauren Profile Image.jpg

DR LAUREN SMITH Marine Biologist and Shark Specialist

"Lauren is a marine biologist and coastal ecologist who specialises in shark research, she is the founder and operator of Saltwater Life, a shark research and marine conservation organisation. Her scientific research has been published in several peer reviewed scientific journals which can be viewed here: She also writes freelance, communicating the latest marine science news and has been published by The Guardian Online, Biome Ecology, Diver Magazine and The Surfers Path Magazine. An experienced diver and underwater photographer Lauren is also a keen surfer." 

Chris Profile Image.jpg

CHRIS RICKARD Aquarist, Diver, Underwater Photographer

An experienced SCUBA diver Chris specialises in marine life identification. He has been involved in numerous environmental activities and was part of the dive team that responded to reports of a scallop dredger ploughing through a known Flame Shell bed in Lochcarron on the West coast of Scotland in 2017.  The footage and photos were used to push a very successful campaign to pressurise the Scottish Government into protecting the area, Lochcarron was designated an emergency Marine Protected Area, the first of its kind, and later made into a permanent Marine Protection Area.  Chris has also trained as a medic with British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

Innes Profile Image.jpg

INNES GREGORY CAA qualified Drone Pilot

The pilot behind the aerial operations is Innes Gregory, gaining CAA permissions to fly commercially back in 2016.  With a passion for photography since a teenager, Innes has continued to take a spectacular array of images throughout the years and worked on aerial projects for the BBC, Macduff Aquarium, Aberdeen City Council, Viscom, Drum Property Group, Hats on Sticks to name but a few. Innes also has experience with aerial 3D mapping.

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